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Empowering 1.8 billion young people to speak up.

The mission of Generations for Health is to create a space for dialogue between youth and world leaders on pressing global health challenges, effectively creating a platform to encourage youth engagement and inspire leadership.

Generations for Health

Generations for Health addresses three main problems: the lack of youth participation and engagement on global health issues; the lack of spaces for the youth to share their global health concerns with leaders of the sector; and the lack of extensive information regarding their opinion on global health trends.

Our initiative rectifies this by creating a horizontal dialogue between the youth and world health leaders, where both opinions are equally important and where powerful insights from local and global perspectives can shared. Through cultivating the insights and opinions during these dialogues, Generations for Health aims to generate proposals on how practically involve youth more in mitigating current health challenges.

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17 Oct
15:00 CEST

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